An Era of Charming Tales: It’s Not Goodbye


Chosen for the task because of their compassionate natures and good people skills, Officers Galligher and MacNamara were assigned to deliver the news of Lily’s death to Violet and Aster.  This was not a task neither of them had any desire to do!

They were also to do a thorough safety check of the premises while on site.  Officer MacNamara had finished the perimeter sweep as Officer Galligher was attempting to console the bereaved family.

Her heart broke to see the Prince and Princess in such a state.  What kind of monster would want to harm such sweet people?

Finding nothing amiss outside, she would check the inside of the house to ensure there was no danger to the family within.  With the nature of Lily’s murder in mind, her first stop was the kitchen.

06-05-18_1-38-57 AM

How stunned she was to find some apples and a box of the apple spice…

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