Lisa Bee 100BabyChallenge: SHE-A-HO #2



(NO not talking about Lisa Bee .. well ok we could be).

Winterfest was upon them and Lisa Bee barely got the tree up before she passed out.

(I think more than one or two of us can relate – Winterfest will do that to you.)

The day was an abysmal holiday for the little family.

08-16-19_3-12-54 AM

I guess this means no grand feast 😦

08-16-19_3-14-28 AM

Epic holiday FAIL!

No presents …

no grand feast …

NO holiday cheer

and an unlit tree!


08-16-19_3-16-19 AM

There was one bright spot in the day.

Lisa Bee did get a tiny bit of “love connection” going with Father Winter.

BUT, sadly, he had to go …

something about needing to deliver presents to good boys and girls …

blah blah blah.

Sometimes bad girls need something delivered too ..

LIKE a baby from Father Winter!

However, it does look like…

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